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     A superb balm with the same base recipe as the Baby Balm but with the added benefits of Lavender, Rosemary and Tea Tree essential oils bringing their antispeptic, anitbacterial and antimicrobial powers.  S.O.S balm helps skin renewal, calms skin redness and inflammation and helps restore and maintain smooth, clear skin, as well as being great to help soothe delicate, irritated skin and improve the skins texture.  It contains the best quality Shea butter and Sweet Almond Oil  to help replace the skins natural oils and improve the surface of the skin. Adding Beeswax to the oils and butters means that the balm makes a great, breathable barrier cream, Beeswax has the amazing properties of creating a breathable barrier to keep liquid out but also keeps the skin's natural moisture locked in.  


Available in a 50ml aluminium tin.


Not suitable for use during pregnancy due to containing Rosemary essential oil.

S.O.S Balm

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