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Frequently Asked Questions


      Why does your Baby Balm not contain any essential oils?

      All Jojobubbles Bath & Balm product recipes are created using our many years of knowledge, experience and research. When we have created a new recipe it is sent to an external laboratory and assessed to conform with European Regulations for skincare products, once the recipe has been passed by the chemists we create the products and make them available for our clients to enjoy. Any product intended for use on babies has to have more stringent analysis and there are many more regulations that have to be adhered to. For one of our products to pass the safety assessment deeming it suitable for use on babies from birth it is stipulated that we are not permitted to use any botanicals or essential oils in the product. But don't worry, our Baby Balm is crammed full of goodness to nourish baby's delicate skin from head to toe. Its great for  use on all the family too.

     Where do you deliver to?

     We have clients enjoying our products around the world and are happy to send our products Worldwide. If the correct delivery option for you does not appear on our 'Checkout' page email us at or complete the message form on our 'Contact Us' page and we can help get your products ordered and delivered to you wherever you are. 

     How do you decide on your delivery charges?

     From our workshop in France or from our new U.K base we can post all over the world. We do not add any additional costs to the 3rd party delivery service charges. We are always researching the most competitive way to get your products to you, keeping our delivery charges as low as possible whilst retaining a reliable efficient service.
     Do you test your products on animals?
     Jojobubbles Bath & Balm has never tested our products on animals. In fact selling finished products tested on animals as been banned in the EU since 11th September 2004. Using ingredients in your products that have been tested on animals has been banned since 11th March 2009. 
     Do you use Palm Oil in your products?
     At Jojobubbles Bath & Balm we have chosen NOT to use Palm Oil in our products. We do not agree with the mass deforestation of areas where palm Oil is harvested and consider its use unnecessary in the creation of our products. It is often used as a cheaper alternative to other carrier oils or used to bulk out more expensive oils. We chose the best oils and butters for the specific product we are creating and then scour all corners of the globe to find the ingredients from reputable suppliers so that we can bring you the best products to your door.      
     Do you sell to the wholesale and hospitality industry?
     Whilst we love to give our clients a personal service, dealing with them directly online or at shows and events we do also offer a wholesale service to a handful of unique shops and boutique hotels. If you have a shop with a keen interest in selling natural products and supporting small businesses or if you have a boutique hotel where you like to offer your guests something a little more luxurious and unique than large scale commercial guest products please email us at or complete the form on the 'Contact Us' page of this site.
     Why don't you make medical claims  about your products if they are so good for      damaged or sensitive skin?
      Our products are made under the EU Cosmetic Product Regulations which covers all cosmetic products. Under these regulations our product recipes are sent to an external laboratory to be assessed before we are able to produce the product and sell it on the open market. In order to make medical claims regarding a product i.e. curing a skin problem such as dermatitis or preventing acne etc. a company MUST have the product medically tested in the same way that any ointment or medication would be including many months of product testing, trials and evidence gathering.  Whilst our products were originally created  to  relieve my eczema many years ago, then that of my two children which worked incredibly well, we are now all clear of the condition and the business was then created to meet the demand of enquires I had to create more products and help more people you will notice on the site or when speaking to us that we advise that these products have been used for helping clients with this and other skin conditions but that we never state that it will prevent or clear up a specific condition. We believe its what we leave out of our products that makes the difference and why it is sensitive enough for even the most delicate of skin (just read our reviews on Facebook). So in short we don't make medical claims not because we don't believe in our products but simply because we are not able to under the regulations.    
     Why are your liquid soaps so much kinder on my hands?
     Many liquid soaps do not actually contain soap but are instead made up of a large mixture of chemicals to recreate the qualities you would expect from a soap, a thick lather or an ability to cleanse the skin for example. It is these chemicals, particularly the ones added to create the lather that strip your skin of its natural oils leading to the skin on your hands becoming dry, more sensitive, itchy and even cracking.  Our liquid soaps are made using our solid soaps at its base then adding a few carefully selected natural ingredients to give you a luxuriant, naturally lathering, super gentle liquid soap.
     Why do you not have a solid shampoo in your range of products?
     At Jojobubbles Bath & Balm we strive to make products that you will love just as much as we do. We want to create the best products to give you the best results on your skin. We have looked into creating a solid shampoo on multiple occasions and each time we come back with the same answer, we just couldn't hand on heart say we had brought a product to you that would give you the best results for your hair. Why? Well it all comes down to science and those all important PH levels. Your hair and scalp's PH level is usually between 4.5-5.0, (acidic), its natural acidity helps prevent fungi and bacteria from growing, leaving your hair healthy and shiny, a healthy hair cuticle is smooth and closed to hold in moisture. Many hair care products available, especially the solid variety are far too alkaline for your hair and scalp causing disruption to their natural PH balance. Using an Alkaline product continuously on your hair will lead to the hair cuticle remaining open causing your hair to lose moisture and become dry, brittle and break over time. Using an alkaline product on your hair occasionally to clarify the hair and open the cuticle in readiness to apply a nourishing hair mask is not going to damage your hair in the long term and by opening the hair cuticle before applying the mask it allows for higher absorption of the mask.  There are a few ways of making a solid product that is less alkaline but they tend to be very oil based and leave the hair feeling lank and with an unpleasant  residue, until we can create a recipe that takes all this into account but leaves you with amazingly soft, moisturised, healthy hair we have decided to hold off on creating a solid shampoo.  

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