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Our Story



     I had always suffered from Eczema and had sore, cracked hands since I was tiny...... that was until I started making my own soaps and skincare leaving out all the unnecessary irritants. It was a light bulb moment, soon my skin was nourished, supple and no longer sore, it was great!

     When my boys were born they both suffered with their skin too so I started to blend a range of balms and butters to help ease their discomfort. Before I knew it I was making small batches to help other people that were suffering and so from our little workshop, nestled in the French countryside our business was born.

     Jojobubbles Bath & Balm has evolved to include our best selling skincare range packed full of natural products that will cleanse, nourish and take care of your skin, showing you a whole new level of skin happiness. 

     I wanted to create an all natural skincare range without sacrificing the luxury feel we all want from a product so we use the finest natural ingredients to lovingly create our soaps, balms and skincare in small, handcrafted batches from our own secret recipes. We believe it's what we leave out that makes our products kind to even the most sensitive of skins, leaving it feeling soft, supple and looking radiant. 

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"A knowledgeable and friendly company "


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