Client Comments and Reviews

" Last year I received a gift box of a few products and I absolutely LOVE them."                                                                                                                                                                      L.W.

" I recently bought the Whipped Body Butter and I have to say it is excellent. The quality of the oils used let it really sink in. I am a product junkie and this is really up  there  for  quality  and such  good  value  for  money.  Shall  be  definitely repurchasing. My skin feels really hydrated and soft. "                                                                                                                                                                                                     H.B

 " Love all of the carefully thought out ingredients included in

     their products and the fact that their products really deliver. "                                                                                                                                                                                                 L.S

 "  I bought some of your Face Oil at Ardingly. I LOVE it !!  I really love your products. I have only smelt the Cleanser & Toner so far but WOW !!  And to know I don't need to rinse it off just makes it even better for me. I find that even if I love something if it's slightly tricky to use I tend to grab an alternative especially at night. So well done for making not only great products but ones that are easy to use. "                                                                                                                       L.T

    "  Bought some of your Whipped Body Butter from the Winter Fair and it's absolutely lovely. I will definitely be buying more of your products. "     


   "  Recently purchased the Whipped Body Butter along with some other products. This Butter is very good. I usually use another top brand product which I love but this definitely holds its own. This is richer and more 

economical and £10 cheaper ! My skin is definitely softer

and hydrated. I shall definitely swap over to this one now.

I am a product junkie and terribly impressed with the way these products hold their own against well known big kickers of the beauty industry. Look forward to trying more. "


"  Amazing Lip Butter, a teeny bit goes sooo far ! I love the

   smell and it's good for night time too. Lips are so soft, it           really does do what it says !

   Treat yourself your lips will thank you ! "                                                                                                                                    G.M

" Our 10 month old grand-daughter has developed Eczema

   and the doctor prescribed cream was not helping at all. We

   saw Jojobubbles Bath & Balm at the Ardingly Winter Fair,

   had a good chat and decided to try some Baby Balm. It has

   proved to be brilliant ! The Eczema is now almost gone

   after just 10 days application. Thank you.  "                                                                                                                                S.G

  Excellent products, especially the Whipped Body Butter. I

  have just received three . Makes so much difference to skin

  on my body, especially the legs, dry shins and knees in

  mature aging's a must ! "


"  Yet again LOVE your stuff!!!

   The S.O.S Balm is outstanding as with the Lip  Butter a            little goes a long way, smells amazing and is so easy to          use. Once warmed up, spreads like butter and I LOVE it!!!

    The more of your products I use the more I love and as I 

    am now older age, where never before sensitivities are 

    appearing your balm etc. are AMAZING!!!  "                                                                                                                         G.M

"  Having been in the army for 18 years and having to shave

   every day, my skin has taken a bit of a beating. I came 

   across Jojobubbles Bath & Balm by chance and I'm glad I     did! Their Shaving Soap is the best I've used and is a very 

   smooth shave. I've been using their S.O.S Balm as                   an aftershave balm, it soothes and makes me look                 younger! "                                                                                                                                                                                      C.B