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     A luxuriant blend of natural rich moisturising oils and powerful essential oils to give your skin an amazing boost. Our Face Oil is a dry oil giving you great moisturisation without leaving your skin looking shiny or greasy. It will leave your face feeling supple, truly moisturised and with a healthy glow. Many people that have made the change to our Face Oil have even messaged me to say that they no longer feel the need to use a foundation due to their skin being the best it has ever been, giving them a new found confidence to go naked!  


Available in a 30ml glass bottle.


Not suitable for use during pregnancy due to containing Rosemary essential oil.

Face Oil

  • Apply 3-4 drops of oil, spread evenly over your face and gently massage into your skin. Vary the amount applied according to the dryness of your skin, some may need a little more and some may need a little less as we are all unique!

    Be careful not to use too much oil as this will leave your skin feeling and looking greasy and will increase pore size over time. The desired result when using the correct amount should be a light, moisturised, supple feeling and the oil should be easily absorbed in moments.

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